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# Thema - 29.06.2020 um 10:52 Uhr
Bamboo flooring has anti-corrosion Cheap Michael Frolik Jersey , moisture, heat of the "skills" are nothing new, but if the floor of the house just like a chameleon as it wishes for "color", you heard it? Now, Deqing famous enterprises - - Tak Wah Group is working to make these "strange" to "normal practice."

Recently, the National High Technology Research and Development Program (863 Program) - "fire-retardant wood and bamboo materials Cheap Noah Hanifin Jersey , reversible color change with temperature sensitive technology" research project was officially launched in Germany and China Group, this is the first time the timber industry, 863 enterprises in the project.

How the floor color? The original, it is to use something called the "temperature sensitive color reversible" high-tech and achievable. Popular terms, is a kind of wood and bamboo materials, to add color to temperature-sensitive dye Cheap Mike Smith Jersey , it changes with temperature change, smart control of color. "Like the color temperature points in 30 degrees than 30 degrees as long as bamboo flooring began to change color. Like you to go and am still relatively low temperature, indoor wood floor is red.

Afternoon scorching sun home, the floor becomes blue, immediately, there a cool feeling. This change only 3 to 5 minutes. "one expert said the Chinese Academy of Forestry."Color" technology is also used in clothing Cheap Elias Lindholm Jersey , car, home and other areas, while color in bamboo flooring industry is still in development stage, but color is not in our daily life rare, including color glass windows, the textile can be color products and so on. For example popular favorite color uniforms the troops Cheap Travis Hamonic Jersey , containing the color fibers exposed to light, heat, moisture or radiation can be stimulated by external conditions automatically change color, this way, wear the clothes also change color.

Tak Wah of this technology not only for the floor, also can be used to shutters Cheap Sean Monahan Jersey , doors and other Furniture. It is estimated that the use of one hand, it can meet the people's "visual", on the other hand the traditional wood and bamboo products will greatly enhance the innovation capability, promote the industry to make progress 30% value-added bamboo products.

Prospects in the bamboo industry, "Warring States Period," to seek breakthrough in today's bamboo flooring market Cheap Mikael Backlund Jersey , is the root, Tak Wah Group Vice President Jung described as the "Warring States Period": low-cost competition, many enterprises lack a clear advantage in the industry leader.

The "wood floors are" Nanxun and "Rookie of bamboo flooring," Anji Huzhou market more competitive. Tak Wah Group as a listed company, want to price competition from the "Red Sea" instead invest in technology innovation, "Blue Ocean." "If this technology can be successfully completed Cheap TJ Brodie Jersey , will be disruptive in the industry breakthrough. It is fully renovated to meet people on the individual requirements and willingness to change lifestyle." Jung said Root.

It is reported that the group come up with a 5% annual sales income as funds for scientific research. "Wood and bamboo materials, flame and temperature sensitive color reversible technology" in a flame retardant technologies, on the stage at this year's Expo will be booming. This technology not only has the "cigarette burn is not bad," the practical features, is also beneficial when the fire emergency relief to win more time. Household Robot Market 2025 All The Latest Update In One Place heck out now ($8.5 Billion Market)
by Market-NewsFlash · December 3, 2019

Household Robot Market USP

Rising interest in the growth of robotic technology worldwide and increased cost efficiency in the manufacture of household robots.

Inter-Market Dependency

By Component

Global Robot Market: According to MRFR analysis Cheap Mark Giordano Jersey , the global robotics market is slated to grow to USD 93 billion by 2024 at a CAGR of 15.5% during the forecast period of 2019 to 2024. The global household robot market is forecast to reach USD 8.5 Billion by 2025. Companies such as Samsung Electronics Co Ltd., LG Electronics Inc., and Husqvarna utilize their technical expertise in creating industrial robots to manufacture efficient and cost-effective household robots, which is fueling market growth.
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Global Robot Services Market: The use of robots entails services such as installation, maintenance, repair Cheap Matthew Tkachuk Jersey , and reprogramming. While the household robot services segment constitutes a small section of this market, providers can utilize the existing infrastructure to provide quality service for household robots.
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Global Consumer Electronics Market: The growth of the global consumer electronics market is fueling the innovation of electronic components that are critical for the cost-effective manufacturing of robots. The global household robots market directly benefits from this innovation and an increasing number of household appliances can now be automated with ease.
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